Zong will deploy Biometric Verification System in karachi and Baluchistan


China Mobile Pakistani wing, Zong, has announced that it has deployed the Biometric Verification System all over Baluchistan province and Karachi city to assure that new SIMs are acquired with this procedure.

Following the instructions from telecom regulatory body, PTA, all the cellular networks have installed the Biometric identification suite in order to ensure national security.

Zong is considered as a front-runner in the cellular community and this announcement shows its devotion in the progress of Pakistani economy and society. The installation of Biometric Verification System will assist the mobile operators to curb the flurry of unauthentic SIMs within the country.

Zong was the first telecom operator in the country to introduce the Biometric identification mechanism eventually abiding the orders of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority.

With the arrival of state-of-the-art Biometric System, a consumer can now only get a registered SIM unless he/she provides his/her CNIN and the thumbprint impression, which in turn is matched with the NADRA database. If it is correct, the user is issued with a brand new SIM which will be activated then. The entire BVS is an online process; hence the chances of error or ambiguity are almost zero.

The Zong director for marketing, Babar Bajwa, expressed his gratitude by saying that, “Zong has been working in Pakistan since the last couple of years and has been actively participating in the initiatives which are necessary for national prosperity, security and integrity. The company takes it as a prime responsibility to follow the set of rules and protocol directed by the government of Pakistan. The deployment of advance Biometric Verification Suite in entire Baluchistan Province and Karachi city shows our caliber and commitment to serve the country in a more better and organized manner. With this facility, the business of unregistered SIMS can be eliminated which are considered as the root cause of terrorist, criminal and other immoral activities in the country.”