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A bold video made on Election rigging in Pakistan

A video on Election rigging in pakistan Goes viral on social media. Election results and updates are already coming in which the lead has already been taken by PML (N) especially in Punjab.However in KPK PTI of Imran Khan is emerging as a true winner. KPK people have voted for a change and for a new Pakistan.  However, some rigging videos and many unpleasant scenes and images are going viral on social media about current elections.

Although carrying mobile phones were strictly bared inside polling booths, however many presiding officers carried the mobile phones and made astonishing rigging videos.

Interestingly, most of the election rigging videos emerged from Karachi and Hyderabad. These rigging videos went viral all over Facebook and Twitter. Because of such rigging most of the analysts and parties are demanding re election in Karachi and Hyderabad.

Some of the Election Rigging videos are here for you to comment.

Very Clear Video of Election Rigging from NA-219 (Hyderabad)

Female Voters Bangles for Police

Fake Voting in Lahore

Election Rigging action by Rangers

Poll Rigging NA251 (Karachi)

Ballot Boxes On Roads

A lady Protesting Over Rigging Incidents in Karachi

Karachi Police Doing Nothing during Polling

Election Rigging Video NA-253 (Karachi)

Another Election Rigging Karachi