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Etechcrunch is a “must read” Technology and Business News and media service. Since its launch, in 2012 Etechcrunch is the main source of local News for every Pakistani. The site brings latest breaking news on Telecom events in Pakistan and keeps its visitor’s uptodate. Etechcrunch stands alone in delivering the nonpartisan, solid, reporting on inner workings of the Telecom sector and Business world.

Etechcrunch has a special standing in Pakistan’s media and is one of the most reliable and respected publication in English,due to it’s better news coverage as well as constructive views.

Etechcrunch News and media provides an important platform for the major Telecom players to define and discuss their issues, and influence Ministry for IT and operators like PTCL and Pakistan Telecommunication authority (PTA) to takes decisions on the issues.

Etechcrunch News and media provides grassroots advocacy resources and essential inside for Telecom operators in Pakistan to take action. As a premier source of timely news, Etechcrunch News keep its fingers on pulse of Telecom legislative process and helps readers to know the latest happenings in Telecom world.