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Anusha Rehman meets Etisalat representatives

Anusha Rehman, the Federal Minister of Information Technology was called on by representatives of Etisalat which comprises of Jamal Saif Al Jarwn (Chief Regional Officer Asia), Abdul Rahim A. Al Nooryani (Chairman & CEO) and Mr. Walid Irshad (CEO, PTCL). All the distressing matters were debates in the meeting. Both parties were willing to find a solution to the outstanding issues and bring development of ICT in Pakistan.


Anusha Rehman briefed them with the Government policy to make Pakistan a prosperous, emerging and a corruption free country, which the delegation applauded and appreciated the vision of transparency, welfare and good governance in the country. The delegation took deep inters in government’s initiatives and concern in IT and Telecom Members sector to improve relations and ties between the two countries.

Etisalat has to pay around $800 million for 26% of PTCL shares when it was privatized in 2006.