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Apple has announced to sell its 500 millionth iPhone


Apple, one of the world’s sophisticated smartphone manufacturers has announced to sell its 500 millionth iPhone.

The top-notch iPhones are critically acclaimed all over the world and are considered as the prime choice of the consumers when it comes to pick a high-end smartphone. The first iPhone was invented by Steve Jobs, the genius behind the company, back in 2007. It managed to lure some 6.1 million shipments worldwide.

Apple has so far released eight devices in this line-up. The recent of this series are the iconic iPhone 5s and 5c.5c is reported to have out sold its rivals before Christmas [APPLE]

In this long run, Apple came across some tough fights with other smartphone rivals like Nokia, Samsung and HTC. The brand loyalty of Apple is unparallel to its opponents. The latest iPhone 5C was reported as the first choice of consumers on previous Christmas as it outclassed its rivals.

Some of the interesting facts of Apple which is unknown to its die-hard enthusiast fans are mentioned for the sake of information.

The inaugural design of the Apple phone was made in 1983.

Hartmut Esslinger was the mastermind of this prototype but unfortunately couldn’t draw attention of the management to give it a try. That prototype was identical to iPad in size and consisted of a touch panel and a telephone. However, it wasn’t portable.

The other astonishing fact about Apple is that more than 50 billion applications have been installed on Apple-branded devices since its appearance in 2007.

These apps are responsible for generating massive piles of cash in profits for its developers.

The iPhone is claimed to survive a 13,500 feet drop without having any disorders in its system. Wow! That’s incredible. No other smartphone can’t bet to perform such a splendid show.

Apple has always placed Bono, U2’s lead singer on your Apple device. Whenever you turn on your iTunes, the Irish singer will always be there for you to enchant you with his music.

So in the light of such surprising facts, you must be looking forward to see the next flagship, iPhone 6 from the US smartphone behemoth. It is anticipated to bring in a plethora of new, amazing and top-notch features which are always a trademark of Apple devices. Users will have to wait patiently till the end of 2014 to experience the new beast from Apple.