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Apple fetch 14.7 percent market share while Xiaomi’s 13.7 in Q1 2015


According to the latest tech reports, US handset heavyweight Apple has surpassed the China’s handset maker Xiaomi to grab the title for the largest vendor of smartphones in the Chinese market for the very first time.

The stats released by market watchdog International Data Corporation (IDC) mentions that Apple has managed to fetch 14.7 percent of the market share in in comparison to the Xiaomi’s market shares of 13.7-percent for the Q1 of 2015, surpassing Xinhua stated that the other players in this list included Huawei, Samsung, and Lenovo respectively.

The heir of largest smartphone vendor throne in China’s smartphone market has been shared by four different companies in the previous five quarters. The Chinese handset market is undoubtedly planet’s largest and most throat-cutting competitive markets.

Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and Lenovo managed to sum up for 57.8 percent of the market in the January-March duration.

IDC data also highlights market giants such as Samsung and Lenovo is seeing sharp slashes in their revenues in contrast to Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei, who experience healthy and aggressive sales growth increase during the first quarter of this ongoing year.

The report reveals that overall 98.8 million smartphones were sold, which is 4.3 percent lesser in contrast to the identical quarter of 2014. This was the first time in six years that the first quarter is recording shipment incline. This cut-off indicates that the market may touch the saturation point after a plethora of quarters of more than 20 percent growth.