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Apple iWatch release brought 457 percent surge in global sales


The latest reports from market watchdog Strategy Analytics reveals that US handset behemoth Apple’s smartwatch is a big success for the firm just like its recent iconic smartphone. The iWatch release brought an incredible 457 percent surge in global sales within 12 months of its launch. How much does it mean in terms of market share?

If we take it in terms of market share, it managed to curb nearly 75 percent of the share market. With thanks largely to 4 million units’ sales in a short span of three months since its release, Apple has gained a massive lead in contrast to its market opponents like as Pebble and Android Wear, who had a several year rapport and head-start in the global market.

On the other hand, Apple’s biggest rival, Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung, was on a decline as its sales stood at merely 0.4 million or one-tenth of Apple’s share in the second quarter of this ongoing year. Samsung shares went down from 0.7 million in the same quarter of 2014. The market of Samsung saw a throat-cutting slash as it stood at just 7.5% which was gigantic 73.6% last year.

Other smartwatch making companies managed to get 0.9 million units in sales, up from 0.3 million in order to lead to a combined target of 5.3 million units. The list includes of front-line electronics giants such as LG, Motorola, ASUS, Sony and Pebble who all had a big run in the Watch’s launch.

Even if the reports that the sales of the Watch have slowed to a trickle now, they are still enough to make sure Apple leads by a sizeable margin. With an ecosystem of around 8,000 apps now, things may not change drastically in the near future either.