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Apple shipped 43.7 million iPhone devices with $10 billion in Q1 2014


The year 2014 apparently seems to bring the fortunes back for the US smartphone giant Apple. The company feels immense pleasure in claiming that it shipped more than 43.7 million iPhone devices all over the globe, which generated revenue of over $10 billion this quarter.

As per the forecast from analysts and research firms, Apple was said to produce $43.2 billion in profits at the close of Q1, 2014, but ironically, the company amassed a whopping $45.6 billion to declare the predictions wrong.

Apple’s executive Tim Cook termed these fruitful results as “Apple has done a brilliant job in its Q1 results, with thanks largely to the overwhelming response of consumers and their trust in the latest iPhones makes it a success story for the smartphone giant. The company is keen to unleash a galore of extraordinary new devices and services to make its valued customers joyous like never before.”

The launch of one smartphone after another each year has now become a tradition for Samsung, Apple’s biggest business enemy. In contrast, Apple is keen to bring merely a phone or two within a span of 12 months. Apple might revise its policy to release plethora of latest devices along with iWatch, which in return, will earn it surplus revenues and huge profits in the ongoing year.

Meanwhile, a massive hype has been created as users all over the globe are anxiously waiting to see the next mainstream phone, iPhone 6, hit the market shelves. The rumor mill is spinning in its full swing as analysts and some authentic sources speculate that Apple might release tow models of the iPhone 6, as it did in the previous case of iPhone 5. The two anticipated variants are going to have display panels of 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches respectively.

Apple, this time, is presumably having an eye to target the “phablets” category by revealing a bigger variant of iPhone 6.At present, this category is the sole property of Korean behemoth Samsung. Previously, Android-based and Windows phablets were seen in the market. This will be Apple’s first assault to conquer the tablet arena. So now you can easily come to the conclusion that the rivalry between these two firms is not going to take a pause whatsoever.