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BlackBerry announced cheap Q5 QWERTY smartphone

Research In Motion launched a new low-cost BlackBerry in markets this Tuesday along with offering its iconic BlackBerry Messenger service on iPhones and devices powered by Android software.

Thorsten Heins, CEO suggested that the time is suitable to offer BBM on other competing devices. He added that free iPhone and Android firmware will be available, provided that Google Play and the Apple App Store approve it.


 “It’s time to expose BBM to a greater proportion,” Heins said. “I am eager to see that our BlackBerry fans can send BBM invites to all their pals on other devices. They have demanded it since a long time.”

 BlackBerry shares declined to its lowest level within a month after its BBM declaration, a step that deprives company of one of its important services.

The stock had a biggest decline of 6 percent since April 11. Shares of the Waterloo, Ontario-based company, Waterloo’s shares were up by 34 percent this year due to comeback plan initiated by company.

The new economical Q5 will be available in selected markets this summer .The new device is another move by RIM’s to get back market shares taken by Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones. It is the BlackBerry’s third smartphone to operate the new BB 10 system. The new Q5 will feature a QWERTY keyboard, something that makes the difference between RIM’s devices and Apple’s iPhone and most Android phones.

CEO Heins said the “slim, smooth” device will be available in different colors.

RIM releases new BlackBerrys this year after long pauses that made Apple and others manufacturers gain control of the market.

RIM is doing quite well in many overseas markets; but the company had a number of long pauses to make its OS compete with the iPhone and devices operating on Google’s Android software.

Oscar-winning singer Alicia Keys, who is BlackBerry’s global creative director, declared the company’s new BB Scholars Program. The new program kicks off this year and provides science studies scholarships for students worldwide.

The scholarship program is optimistic about attracting women, who consist of about half of mobile users.

“It’s the start for a powerful network of women and a huge cultural change,” she said.