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Facebook quits the usage of Skype for video calls


Planet’s favorite socail media network Facebook has finally abandoned the usage of Skype by launching its home-baked video calling for Messenger. It was 2011 when tech giants Microsoft and Facebook joined hands to empower video calls via using Skype platform. This new feature to the social media website received warm welcome amongst its users.

Facebook, meanwhile, has not made any revelations as far as its partnership with Microsoft is concerned but Facebook’s introduction of voice calling in 2013 was a hint of the ending friendship between the two firms. Facebook also quit the usage of Skype for video calls for desktop systems since a couple of months and worked on its very own video solution instead.

Facebook claimed that the Skype-powered video calls asked its subscribers to install a surplus explorer plugin so they crafted a technology that would render the work much convenient and enhance the call performance and video quality. It will also enable Facebook to update and make variations to the video talk more conveniently.

The differences between the two entities doesn’t end here as using Microsoft’s search engine Bing for search results on its social platform. Skype’s Community Manager highlighted that Facebook hass made a plethora of variations to the way they connect their services with third parties. He also provided a number of integrations that will doersnt work anymore in Skype starting May. This also comprises the function to message Facebook friends from within Skype.

Microsoft and Facebook had a long and time-tested patnership as Microsoft became a pivotal investor in Facebook back in 2007. Microsoft plunged amost $240 million in the rising social networking forum then. As soon as Facebook became a tech behemoth itself, it do not depend on others to deliver search and calling functionalities for its website. Facebook wants to manage its website on its own so that it wont face any difficulties from its partners in the coming future.