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Google suggest reveals Muslims are violent and angry


The Google suggest is a great way to search your related topics easily and the autocomplete or drop down suggestions do the trick.But astonishingly if you type few word the suggestions are amazing for instance if you type Why are Muslim…Following is the Google Suggest picture


After you type Why are Muslim you get:

  • Why are Muslim so angry
  • Why are muslim guys so handsome
  • Why are Muslim countries so poor
  • Why are Muslim countries so violentou can also see the top results below for websites like

On the other hand if you type Why are Jews,following is the Picture


And the results are:

  • Why are Jews so smart
  • Why are Jews persecuted
  • Why are Jews so rich
  • Why are Jews rich

Astonishingly in my case there were no list of top websites below the search box when i was typing..