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LG G4 smartphone is leading the US smartphone tables


According to the latest reports from a leading U.S tech watchdog firm, Korean giant LG Electronics is leading the US smartphone tables with its latest flagship handset, the G4 smartphone, in contrast to its rivals’ flagship phones in a performance evaluation survey.


The stats from the non-profit organization reveals that the LG’s latest mainstream device, the G4, which surfaced this April came in the second place in the evaluation test, with a handsome grade of 78 out of 100, along with its previous version, the G3.

The G4, which is a marginally-curved handset, supports a massive 5.5 inch screen panel with QHD display. Besides this, the phone is enveloped in a leather shield, something quite different from the metal frames of its contemporary devices.

The camera department of the G4 is also equipped with shooting sensors having parallel performance to that of a digital single-lens reflex camera, which is also a plus and gives G4 an edge over its rival phones.

The smartphone which topped the list was the Galaxy S5, which was unleashed back in 2014. Its new born son, the Galaxy S6, didn’t meet the user expectations and was thrown down to the fifth place, meanwhile, even with enhanced features and specifications, standing together with the Galaxy 6 Edge. Interesting enough to mention, the iconic Apple’s iPhone 6 also held the fifth spot in this list. The two recent mainstream smartphones of Samsung and Apple had jointly managed to reach the third place in the evaluation in May.

The Galaxy S5 Sports, which was only put on sale in the in the North America and comprised of more fitness-related attributes in comparison to the Galaxy S5, also ranked second in the list.