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Mercedes Benz C-Class 250,000 automobiles have problematic back-end lights


U.S. safety authorities upgraded an inquiry into over 250,000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class automobiles for potential problems of the back-end lights.


The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration improved its investigation to an engineering evaluation of as many as 252,867 C-Class vehicles, from model years 2008 up to 2011, due to the problematic back lights which was the reason of overheated electrical connector, as per the documents posted on the web.

An engineering assessment is a significant process that might lead to the drawback of the autos by the regulator.

In several situations the overheated connector ultimately melts, makes smoke or fire.

Regulators and Mercedes, an arm of Germany’s Daimler AG , have got as many as 402 reports regarding this matter, comprising five mishaps resulting fire, and one individual wounded, as per the NHTSA documents.

An official from the Mercedes stated that the firm was in close interaction with NHTSA’s probe.

A definitive assessment of the trouble was first disclosed in July following NHTSA’s reception of 21 alleged complaints of back light fixing problem which was the caused due to the melted connector or housing.

Mercedes claimed that the excessive heating of the ground cable was resulted by corrosion between the connectors in the ground circuit to the rear light, as per the files.

Evaluation of the reports reflected a hiked rate of possible failure as the car age, hence the probe was further enhanced to deep study the consequences and frequency of the problem, the NHTSA documents reveals.