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NADRA and EOBI launches Pension Disbursement Project


NADRA with the help of EOBI has launched its Pension Disbursement Project for all pensioners enrolled with EOBI as directed by the President of Pakistan.

Pensioners can now avail the facility at e-Sahulat points spread all over Pakistan through the EOBI if they are in possession of the chip-based Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) introduced by NADRA.


The first of its kind project in Pakistan will facilitate EOBI pensioners to receive pension through SNIC via live biometric verification at NADRA e-Sahulat franchisees across Pakistan.

This EOBI project will ensure transparency in Pension disbursement thus aving millions said NADRA Chairman, Tariq Malik.NADRA chairman further said that the EOBI pensioners would have the flexible option to withdraw pension from the additional 5,000 e-Sahulat across the Pakistan without any hassle. The NADRA SNIC system is deployed to disburse the pension at locations closer to the pensioner’s own location to avoid long wait or queues. To further help out the pensioners, NADRA and EOBI have agreed to provide the SNIC free of cost and without any processing.

The new NADRA and EOBI joint venture of pension disbursement will minimize the pensioner’s miseries to get their pensions in time and will enable EOBI for better management of the cash disbursement, the online biometric verification and 24/7 technical and operational support.

NADRA using the new e-Sahulat pension system has successfully distributed the pension in Lahore and Islamabad early last month on March 7, 2013. This is a great achievement by NADRA & EOBI and gives will further boost the e-governance in Pakistan added Tariq Malik.