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NADRA announced Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) for children


The National Registration and Database Authority (NADRA) plans to issue smart card to children under 18 years of age, after launch of its Chip based Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) or NADRA Smart Card for the Adult population of the Pakistan, Nadra in a statement unveiled. NADRA smart card is available for jusr Rupees 1500. Holder of NADRA Smart NIC will have two years of free insurance cover


The chip-based NADRA Smart card with multiple facilities will be distinguished from the CRC as it will become entitlement document.


NADRA Smart Card Features:

The Smart card offered by NADRA has following main features and has Multi-dimensional Usage and Service

  • Smart card 36 Security Features
  • The card has Laser engraved photograph,QR code, Optical variable diagram,  and machine readable zone.
  • The card will offer Social and Financial inclusion Programmes
  • Equipped with State-of-the-Art Encryption Techniques
  • Identification feature of picture and finger prints
  • Nadra smart card will offer Easy Pension Disbursement
  • Insurance of Rs.100,000 on accidental death for 2 years
  • Smart Card is compliant with ICAO standards (International Civil Aviation Organization Standards)

A SIM can be seen pasted on the Smart card that carries all the information related to the individual. The SIM has the capability to carry your date of Birth, Place of Birth ,education data, medical history , service history and lots more.The smart card could be used in future electronic voting in Pakistan too.

Tariq Malik, Nadra Chairman said that the chip-based Smart Identity Card for children will help by its use in multi-dimensional services like health, educational, financial and social inclusion programmes. The new chip-based Smart Identity Card for children shall be capable of holding various data and applications including health, social sector and education as well as vaccination records, polio registrations, academic records etc.

Malik said that the introduction of a new Smart Identity Card will help both the citizens as well the Government of Pakistan to as it will serve as a basic document of individual for storing data from health, education and social sector on chip.

He said the new card for children will be clearly marked invalid for the children of under 18 years of age and shall incorporate all the features of Smart NIC for citizens that includes photograph, owner’s name, father’s name, date of birth as well as address. Biometrics will be captured for all children over the age of 15 for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Malik said that like the smart identity card this new card for children will also be secure and the safest and cannot be replicated or forged. He said that a chip fitted into the card will help government to provide children with facilities like education record and health , life insurance and financial assistance etc.

Nadra currently follow the procedure of issuing Child Registration Certificate (CRC) for registration of the children with age under 18. CRC holding the child’s name, his gender and date of birth is printed on a A4 sized secure paper.

On CRC there is no picture of children. However, the new Smart Card will carry child’s complete biometric record including child’s picture. Initially, the new smart card for children and CRC (B-Form) shall remain in vogue for NADRA.

Children Smart Card

Children can now also avail NADRA smart card in Pakistan