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Nvidia to launch GeForce 800M GPU soon


Leading chip manufacturer and Tech firm Nvidia is wrapping off the covers from its upcoming series of GPUs aimed at laptops and notebooks. The company claims that these new chipset will prolong the timings of battery and enable customers to record or view their game play.

The graphic processing unit codenamed GeForce 800M series will be equipped in the laptops from a number of leading notebook makers like Lenovo, Razer, Asus, and Alienware.

This latest GPU line-up yields a strong performance boost of 30-60 percent in contrast to the older range, as per the claims of Mark Aevermann, Nvidia’s official.

The major attribute of GeForce 800M series is considered to be the battery enhancement. According to the claims from Aevermann, it nearly operates twice in comparison to the older version. When a consumer places a frame rate for their games, the Battery optimization feature will assist the notebook’s peripherals to make sure that they function is a more effective and efficient manner by slicing the battery consumption.

Shadowplay is also a new feature introduced in the new GPU line, which lets users to take images from games or post it via facilities like Twitch.

With the latest GPUs from Nvidia in the notebooks brings more credibility and assistance for Gamestream, a suite through which gamer broadcast a game right from their notebooks or PCs directly to Nvidia Shield, a portable device designed for this purpose.