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PTCL to announce PTCL Chargi with 30Mbps speed soon


PTCL has recently announced PTCL 4G Charji device. The Chargi will be available for Rs 3000 with monthly line rent of Rs 3500 and that too with unlimited package. The three month fee for the device is Rs 13500. PTCL is offering speed of 20 MB for its 4G Chargie. The high speed PTCL internet device is expected to hit the market within a week.The device will be an addition to PTCL broadband packages 2014.


Its pertinent to metion that leading Telecom operators Zong,Telenor,Mobilink and Ufone are already operating there 3G networks in Pakistan. Zong is the only telecom operator that won the 4G license through auction.Warid Telecom although did not participated in the 3G and 4G licenses but it is all set to acquire the 4G license after go ahead from PTA. PTCL charji is considered as a revolution an top of the line device of PTCL broadband packages 2014.

According to the reports, PTCL device ‘Char Ji’ will offer download speeds of 36 Mbps and the uploads of 7 Mbps. The device will actually run on 4G LTE technology, and practical achievable speed as we have mentioned in initial paragraphs would be 20Mbps.

The Pakistani telecom sector has been truly reshaped by the advent of latest 3G and 4G LTE technology and PTCL is leading with top ICT solution provider in the country.