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Review of Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

As we move towards 2019, Apple has resumed to set the pace for its loyalists. IPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are the models launched. Like always, the company is going to offer a number of surprises with all three models. Let’s discuss.

1. iPhone XR:

iPhone XR is the cheapest of all the newly launched. It has come with a design and many of the specs similar to top-tier iPhones. Other than that, different options of bright colors and slimmed-down specs like the smaller battery has won the hearts of many fans already. In the ‘X’ family of iPhones, people can go for the relatively cheaper and more colorful XR as the starting price for which is reported $749.

2. iPhone XS:

Coming towards the specs of iPhone XS, it is the successor to their last year’s iPhone X. the soon-to-be-revealed smartphone confirms its identical look with the notched display and chamfered edges. Apple promises to offer the better camera results than iPhone X as their homegrown A12 Bionic chip is being introduced. The improved camera algorithms and smart HDR are the cherry on top. According to reports, it has a starting price of $999.

3. iPhone XS Max:

The iPhone XS Max is reportedly bigger than Note 9 and iPhone XS in dimensions. And eventually, the prices are a bit high. And if we tend to compare its other features too, it is paid for the price. Either it is screen size, display, material, color, batter life, or internal storage, it is better in everything to an extent. Pricing starts from $1,099.

Here, one thing should not be forgotten that the tech news has already gone viral all over the world. As a result of which, online shopping in Pakistan has turned out as the most raging subject. People are ready to place pre-order and not miss out on their favorite smartphones ever.