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Smash it ! with Gullu Butt Android Game on Google Play


Gullu Butt the Lahore tragedy Hero has become so famous in Pakistan that Gullu Butt game (Android Game) launched on Google Play. Gullu Butt is the main character of Lahore Model Town incident in which Tahir ul Qadri supporters were injured and many died.


Gullu butt is considered right hand of Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab and is the hot topic discussed in media , talk shows and in communities in Pakistan. Social media like Twitter and Facebook are filled with contents related to Gullu Butt. You can download the  Gullu Butt Game from Google play.

The Butt in no time also managed to make a place in the smart world of mobile apps on Google Play. Crazy developers have made a fascinating Gullu Butt Game. The app can be directly downloaded from Google play. Enjoy the Gullu Butt Game and beat every one around and smash it. Gullu Butt game basically revolves around smashing car.


The game creates a scenario of a rebellion side smashing car, and collecting the spread pieces to gain the points. So Gullu Butt is even more power full in the Games than in real world where Police could not do any thing but watch him smashing cars.Gullu Games is becoming popular with in a couple months of its launch.If such traditions in our political platform continues we expect many additional gullu Butt games.

Internet and social media like Facebook is flooded with Gullu Butt and tweets are trending on Twitter.  Gullu Butt is bringing smiles on people faces in virtual world although did bad things in real world. Please comment what you say about Gullu Butt?