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Sony set to launch PlayStation 4 ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox 360

Sony set to unveil new PlayStation

Sony is ready to unveil its next PlayStation game console on 20 February.Sony,the Japanese electronics company is going to launch its new console ahead of Microsoft’s  Xbox 360 expected to be announced in June.

Sony set PlayStation

Sony invited journalists in New York City and disclosed its plans to announced new console most probably the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 would follow Nintendo’s Wii U, that was launched last autumn, and arrive well before Microsoft’s next Xbox game console, that will be unveiled in E3 video game conference in June at the  in Los Angeles.

Michael Pachter, Wedbush analyst said plan to launch new Playstation by Sony is a “super smart” move to pre-empt Microsoft. PlayStation 4 will therefore get much spotlight without any competition.

PlayStation 3 went on sale in year 2006, a year later the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 however mainly because of its robust online service has been more popular. Xbox Live allows other users to play games online.Wii is still the most popular of the three consoles.

The Wii U was the 1st of the latest generation video game consoles to launch,however current sales are disappointing.Satoru Iwata Nintendo’s president said recently that handheld Nintendo 3Ds and Wii U did not do well over the holidays.He also ruled out any chances of price cut for the new console.