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Top Pakistani Bloggers 2020

Here we have listed down top 10 Pakistani bloggers who are authoritative and influential. These bloggers have produced unique and authentic content through out their carriers and inspired a lot of youth to follow. The content of these Pakistani bloggers varies from technology ,health , marketing to Pakistani and world wide news.

1. Aamir Atta (

Aamir Atta the founder and owner of is at our top of the list. Our the years the site has established it as one of the leading Tech News website and from last few years , the site has added news from other fields too. He has a team of around 15 members.He did his BS computer sciences in year 2004 from BIIT, Arid University.

2. Syed Moiz balkhi (WPbeginner)

Syed Moiz balkhi is the owner of WPbeginner. The site was established in 2009. He is a known entrepreneur and offers different solutions to wordpress and content publishers.

3. Taimur Asad (

Taimur Asad is the owner of Redmondpie. Redmondpie offers contents and reviews regarding Apple, Microsoft and other Tech giants.