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Why you must invest in Ripple (XRP) now


Ripple (XRP) is a one of the top 10 crypto currencies by all accounts and really adopted by more than 100 banks.This partnership is still counting and growing. However, interestingly this partnership is not reflected as far value of ripple is concerned as Ripple (XRP) is still mainly correlated to bitcoin. It will be no wrong to say that most of the ripple trading is done in bitcoin,meaning as the price of bitcoin is dropping it is affecting ripple despite of many good news for ripple.


Will this correlation between the Ripple and Bitcoin change. Yes…because more exchanges are now pairing the altcoins with fiat. Bittrex which is a leading crypto currency exchange and has over 3 million clients, has announced fiat crypto trading in the U.S and same will be roll out to other clients in the future. Binance thas too announced to pair ripple (XRP) with Binance coin and true USD.

Another big news for decoupling ripple (XRP) from bitcoin (BTC) is from SBI virtual currency trading platform. The exchange has only  has only put ripple (XRP) on their webpage. So in near future XRP will gain its real value after being decoupled from Bitcoin and being adopted by large number of Banks.