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WP Slimstat stats plugin not working after upgrade to version 2.9

Slimstat not working

A lot of wordpress users are facing problems with wordpress plugin Slimstat after updating to version 2.9.If you are also one of the victims and your stats showing 0 after Slimstat upgrade to version 2.9 dont panic.Just go to settings in left side bar and select Slimstat. Now in front of Java script click No.check your stats it will be working now.The java script option says.

Slimstat not working

(“Turn this feature on if you are using a caching plugin (W3 Total Cache and friends). WP SlimStat will behave pretty much like Google Analytics, and visitors whose browser does not support Javascript will be ignored. A nice side effect is that most spammers, search engines and other crawlers will not be tracked.”

Basically a number of wordpress users using W3 cache is getting this problem and officially Slimstat is not compatible with W3 cache.

So just disable the option and it will work fine.

Second option is to downgrade Slimstat plugin to earlier version.The plugin can be manually downloaded from

Now in your wordpress click add new plugin and browse to where you have downloaded the Slimstat plugin and activate it.