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Xploiter hacked Nadra and E Sahulat websites

hack nadra

The hackers are still active in Pakistan. In the recent hacking spree, Official website of E-Sahulat – a financial services forum which provides online payment solution for individuals and business from NADRA was hacked and defaced by Xploiter today.hack nadra

An image posted on the Facebook page of a hacker reveals that he had access to confidential financial database on the server.

Intentions behind this latest defacement are still unknown. The hacker does not left any message or comments on the hacked page. Sources claim that hackers might be doing this time and again as a publicity stunt.

Recently, there have been some serious security lapses by a plethora of national and multi-national companies which has resulted in hacking and defacing of their official web pages. The official pages of Soneri Bank, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank, Burj Bank and Tameer Bank had been hacked by local hackers previously.